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About Celiac Squirrel

2011.08.25 Peter 003

My name is Daisy, aka Celiac Squirrel.  I’m an Eastern Gray Squirrel who lives in a tree in suburban Massachusetts.  I’m particularly adorable because I have a white spot just above my tail.

zz 2011.08.20 Peter's Spot 002

I’m very skittish by nature, but I’ve become acquaintances with a chubby human with blonde fur who I call Pink Sweatpants.  Because that’s all she ever wears.  But all that matters is that she feeds me peanuts and Ritz Crackers whenever I stop by.

Whether I’m sitting in a tree, staring into her living room window, waiting for her to spot me . . .

2012.07.07 Daisy

. . . or whether I have to resort to more drastic measures to get her attention . . .

2011.10.09 Persistent Daisy 002

she never lets me down.  I can always count on being well-fed (Although sometimes I have to deal with her creepy habit of watching me eat.  Seriously chubs, get a life!), which is why I’ve been visiting her for two years now.

Pink Sweatpants has a son who isn’t like any other mini-human I’ve ever met.  His name is Nojackno and I feel very protective of him.  Whenever he sees me, he screams “Kwer, kwer, kwer!”, which is his way of saying “squirrel”!

Nojackno has Down syndrome, autism, and Celiac Disease.  Since Pink Sweatpants apparently doesn’t like to cook (or perhaps doesn’t know how), I’ve decided to help her develop some gluten-free (and dairy-free and sometimes soy-free) recipes so that Nojackno doesn’t ever have to feel like he’s missing out on something tasty, like acorns from last autumn or scraps of garbage from the dumpster behind the donut shop down the street.

Keep in mind that Pink Sweatpants has opposable thumbs, so it’s a lot easier for her to type.  So she tends to make this website all about her.  But I just found some early ’90s Mavis Beacon floppy disks in the attic of the hoarder that lives down the street, so I’ll be typing like a pro before you know it!

In the meantime, this will be more of an educational website than a recipe website.  BUT THAT WILL CHANGE, I promise!!!


Daisy, aka Celiac Squirrel


2 thoughts on “About Celiac Squirrel

  1. I love this! You are so ingenious and creative and a very loving and wonderful mom to Jack.. He’s blessed to have you!


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