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Did You Know That MassHealth Covers . . . ?

I just wanted to add this post really quickly because I think it will help a lot of you save a whole buncha money!  Jack has a representative from the Department of Public Health and she gave us this AWESOME list of over-the-counter medications that MassHealth will cover WITH a prescription.  Now, for a family like ours, this is practically life-changing!  Since Jack has chronic sinus infections, we go through pseudoephedrine like nobody’s business.  Thankfully, Jack hasn’t had a sinus infection in quite some time so we haven’t needed to give him pseudoephedrine (aka Sudafed) in ages(basically, because he’s been on antibiotics for over two years straight, but that’s a story for another time), but it’s nice to know that although our primary insurance of BlueCross BlueShield (of Ohio, ugh) won’t cover pseudoephedrine with a doctor’s prescription, MassHealth will!  So if you have MassHealth, take a good look at this list and if there’s something on it that you use on a regular basis, call your doctor, get a prescription for it, and let the system work for you.  Because we know the system RARELY works in our favor!

MassHealth OTC List


Pink Sweatpants


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