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For All My Autism Moms–This is IMPORTANT!!!

Autism ain’t cheap, that’s for sure!  You may find yourself in my shoes–awesome insurance, but since they’re out-of-state they’re not subject to Massachusetts’ ARICA law.  Or you have MassHealth, which is also not subject to Massachusetts’ ARICA law.  Don’t know what ARICA is?  Then you MUST MUST MUST read my blog post “Autism (and Acronyms) in Massachusetts: MassHealth, CommonHealth, MSCPA, ABA, DDS, CBHI, CSA, ARICA”!

ARICA is the Massachusetts law that essentially gets your child the best autism treatment available.  But if you have MassHealth, trust me–you’re relegated to using second-rate companies to provide therapy for your child with autism.  If you have MassHealth, the only company you’re allowed to use for ABA is Beacon, which has an exclusive contract with MassHealth.  But what if you don’t like Beacon?  What if there’s a better ABA provider out there?  What if there’s another therapy that will work for your child?  Well, tough.  Seriously, stinks to be you (and me).  Until now!

I hope all of you autism parents out there can fully appreciate the awesome-ness of what I’m about to tell you, because it’s CRAZY AWESOME!!!  If you have MassHealth and you have a child with autism, you have until August 15th to purchase an insurance (like BlueCross BlueShield of Massachusetts) for your child.  So instead of being stuck with MassHealth, your child with autism can have insurance coverage that is subject to the ARICA law, which means more choices and better services!!!  Here’s the information I’ve received:


Besides this letter from Children’s Hospital Boston, I’ve actually gotten emails from several reputable sources on the matter, so this is definitely legit.  Here’s what you have to do to apply:


Please, do yourself and your child a favor and at least look into this!  MassHealth is crappy.  We all know that.  Now you have the opportunity (until August 15th) to get something better for your child!  So what are you waiting for?!


Pink Sweatpants


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