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I Am Celiac Squirrel

Is snow gluten-free?  If so, I’m in luck because I’m surrounded by about a foot of it!  Ah, March in New England–one day it’s 50 degrees and you’re foraging for the nuts you buried in the fall, the next day you’re wishing you had the power to grow a 2nd fluffy tail to keep warm in your nest.

Let me introduce myself–I’m Daisy, aka Celiac Squirrel.  I live in a tree in an upper-lower class suburb of Boston.  My human neighbors are, um, well, let’s just say they’re a whole buncha crazy.  But friendly!  Very friendly.  All I have to do is sit in the tree that looks into their living room and when they see me they’ll come out and feed me peanuts.

2011.11.19 Princess Daisy

That’s me!  I’ve only met three of my human neighbors.  There’s the chubby human with blonde fur who always wears pink sweatpants, so I call her (surprise, surprise) Pink Sweatpants.  Pink Sweatpants will just sit there and watch me eat.  It’s creepy.  But hey, I’m begging for food and beggars can’t be choosers.  Her mate has black fur and I can never understand what he’s saying (and I understand English perfectly) so my squirrel friends and I call him Mumbles.  Pink Sweatpants and Mumbles live with a little human with brown fur, and as far as I can tell his name is Nojackno.  Not my favorite name for a kid, but I’ve heard worse.

Nojackno LOVES squirrels and he’ll often tell Pink Sweatpants if he sees me in the tree waiting for peanuts.  Here we are together a few years ago:

2011.08.26 Peter 002

I thought he was throwing me some food.  Turns out he wanted me to catch his toy and throw it back to him.  It was a nice gesture, but the toy weighed as much as I do!

So why does an Eastern Gray Squirrel like myself feel the need to have a blog?  Well, it’s winter in New England.  I’ve got a lot of downtime.  I’m not pregnant this week so I figured ‘why not start a blog?’  The next question was “What should I write about?”  I mean, there’s nothin’ going on around here til spring.  But I have a soft spot in my heart for Nojackno, and I know that he’s on a special gluten-free, casein-free, soy-free diet because he has Celiac Disease, Down syndrome, autism, and ADHD.  So I figured I’d document all of Pink Sweatpant’s cooking and baking adventures, in hopes that it will help other people who have children like Nojackno.




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